Above photo courtesy of current CONS student Liz Shotman.  

On-Campus Resources

Off-Campus Events and Resources

  • Organization for Tropical Studies (Costa Rica) has listed its Upcoming 2010 courses with open enrollment, including Tropical Ecology, 'an intensive, eight-week course in field research and tropical ecology for up to 22 graduate students. This classic OTS field course which has trained tropical biologists since the 1960s might also be called "Fundamentals of Research Design and Practice". At its heart lie the highly regarded OTS "field problems" which focus on the formulation of feasible research questions, experimental design, data collection, analysis, and oral and written presentation.'

  • The Greenpeace Organizing Term "is the best hands-on training and leadership program available to college-aged students.  Not only will students learn how to organize more effectively, but it will also give them skills and a network of activists and peers to work with when they return to campus and work alongside after school.  The Greenpeace Organizing Term is a semester-long program packed with action, travel and training."

  • The National Council for Science and the Environment held its 10th National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment on January 20-22 in downtown Washington, DC.  This year's topic was "The New Green Economy".  NCSE's national conference engages leading thinkers and doers from a diversity of disciplines, sectors, and perspectives in a structured conversation about the meaning of the green economy and how investment in green education, research and jobs can help solve both the economic and environmental crises.  Welcoming over 1000 attendees, The New Green Economy brought together leaders in sustainable business, environmental policymakers, civil society, university faculty, students from across the nation, and educated citizens.  NCSE uses a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral approach that engages involved scientists and decision makers to develop (and publish) recommendations on how to advance science and connect it with policy and decision-making.

  • The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) is the leading higher education association for sustainability. 

  • The Campus Environmental Resource Center is dedicated to informing campuses about regulatory compliance and sustainability. It is created and managed by four higher education associations (C2E2, NACUBO, APPA, and CSHEMA).

  • Maryland Commission on Climate Change.

  • The University System of Maryland's Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative.

  • Natural Environmental Systems, LLC, Environmentally Friendly Resource Library
  • Be Green: Learn How to Recycle Cardboard!