Above photo courtesy of current CONS student Liz Shotman.

Requirements for the Standard MS for CNS and the Dual Degree Program with Public Policy and Sustainable Development are listed below. 

CONS: The standard CONS Program requires that you complete 39 credits of graduate level course work. Included in this 39 credits are 1 course within the three core disciplines (Ecology and Biology, Economics, and Public Policy), Problem Solving, an Internship course, and a Scholarly Research Paper.  The options for the Core Disciplines are listed below in the left hand column of the chart.  CONS students only have to select one of the core options for each discipline. Core course requirements will not amount to 39 credits, therefore a majority of the students course load will be elective credits.  This allows students to tailor their course work to their personal interest. 

DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM (PPCN): Since students in the Dual Degree Program receive two graduate degrees upon graduation, they are required to complete 60 credits of graduate level course work.  In addition to completing the Core Requirements required for the CONS Program, PPCN students are also required to complete the core course requirements for the School of Public Policy and their Environmental Specialization track.  The course requirements for the PPCN students are in the right hand column of the chart below. 

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