Above photo courtesy of PPCN Graduate Claire Hood. 

A big thank you to the Alumni who filled out our spring Alumni Survey! We very much appreciate your help in improving the CONS program!


The CONS program has some of the most active and supportive alums within the University of Maryland. Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet containing CONS Alumni contact info and scholarly papers. (Updated January 24, 2012, available only to CONS alumni, current CONS students, and incoming students.)

Stay tuned as we add more resources to the CONS web page to help you stay connected and up to date on events and achievements.

Click here for Alumni Profiles

The CONS program is interested in your projects for Problem Solving!

If you or your colleagues work with an NGO or agency involved with conservation or development in the greater DC Metro area, please send your ideas for Problem Solving projects to the CONS director. At the onset, all that is necessary is a paragraph or two describing the potential project and the sponsor organization. Typically, pre-proposals are evaluated in May, contacts are made to a short list of potential sponsors in June-July, and the final five selected in early August. At that time a 1-page description of the project is requested, in addition to reference materials as appropriate.