Above photo courtesy of current PPCN student Drew Hart.

Welcome to Sustainable Development & Conservation Biology (CONS) Graduate Program


The CONS Program is currently undergoing a review.  Information on when new students will be accepted will be posted here as the information becomes available. 

Students interested in the PPCN program should contact the School of Public Policy about their program.


About the CONS Program

The principal objective of the CONS program is to provide graduate training in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology.  CONS is an interdisciplinary and experiential approach to the problems of biological conservation in relation to economic development necessary to meet human needs. 

The primary goals of the CONS program are:

  • To provide students with the knowledge and problem-solving skills necessary to research and communicate solutions to global environmental issues
  • To expand the reach of biodiversity conservation and increasing sustainability
  • To produce leaders and decision-makers in conservation science that are employed by academic, in governmental organizations, non-governmental agencies (NGOs)
  • To provide a service role to the state of Maryland, the nation, local communities, and national and international NGOs and government agencies.

CONS graduates are well-prepared to address conservation issues for employers in the private sector and in local, state, and national government posts and to enter Doctoral programs for further, specialized training.

While offering a Master of Science in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology, CONS offers a dual-degree program (PPCN) with the School of Public Policy.  PPCN students receive both a Master of Science and a Master of Public Policy degree.  Please see the Academics section for more information regarding the Master of Science and the Dual-degree Program.